I’m Winnie, Winn for short!

I recently graduated with a BA in Psychology and Biology and will be applying to Physical Therapy Doctorate Programs this upcoming Fall. I figured, what better way to devote my time during this gap year than to write and share the recipes, workouts, fitness and health advice to anyone that may be interested out there!

I ran competitively in high school for XC, Indoor & Outdoor track & field, and although I didn’t continue the sport in college, I continued to weight train, run and maintain an active lifestyle. Of course, there were bumps and lumps along the way and moments when I wasn’t all so healthy, but that’s life! What’s most important is that one of the greatest values of my life is to be healthy and happy and to share this positivity and love of wellness to the people around me.

This blog will be a place for me to share ideas, advice, recipes, and little life things as time goes on. Hope you enjoy!