Finishing the year strong & starting the new year even stronger!

Good news in the bag that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

December has sure been a crazy month, from submitting my last DPT applications to getting through the few nerve-wrecking interview invitations. Luckily, I’m blessed to have the most supportive family members and friends that have pulled me through the stress. I’ve been working, exercising and slowly regaining time to focus on the self-improving goals I had set for myself for this gap year.

As with probably most other applicants, I have inevitably been worried and feeling a bit burnt out the past couple months constantly working and pondering about how my application process would turn out. Realistically though, at the end of the day, I continue to remind myself that I’ve done the best that I could do and hope that my efforts will be appreciated and accepted by a program of choice. And well, if I don’t get accepted, then I’ll just try again next cycle and have some more time to myself.

I’ve been so appreciative of the time I’ve dedicated this year to breathe, gain experience in my field of interest and also to spend time learning and reading about topics/activities of interest that I previously hadn’t had a chance to dive into. As of yesterday, I started making baby steps towards learning the Russian alphabet, brushing up on my Spanish (especially body parts and medical terms to help with my ability to communicate with Spanish patients at work) and I’m going to start refreshing my long lost memory of Mandarin. I’m also changing up my exercise regimen now that it’s a bit too cold for me to run outside 3x a week.

My new exercise schedule is:

Monday: REST

Tuesday: Short Strength Training & Short Swim

Wednesday: Strength Training w/ Cardio Warmup

Thursday: Morning Yoga & Short Cardio Workout at the Gym

Friday: REST

Saturday: Swim

Sunday: Long Run

Of course, things come up, plans change. I used to make the mistake of feeling so upset at the days that I might have had to skip a workout because something came up, I needed more time to study or work, or I simply was too tired. Don’t beat yourself up over taking some time to yourself or listening to your body. Those rest days may actually end up being the motivator you need to get that really good workout in the next day, or whenever you have time to jump back into your exercise flow.

This post jumps a bit all over the place, but I’m sure that you guys have noticed by now that I blabber quite a lot and am always excited to share everything in mind. For now, I’ll continue to keep my fingers and toes crossed for the application results.

If I don’t post again before 2017 ends, enjoy the holidays, and I’m sending lots of love and happy, healthy, positive wishes all your ways!

Keep on smiling 🤪



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