Shoe-manic 👟

When some people say treat yoself… they may be referring to splurging on some designer bags, cars, jewelry, sunglasses, or the newest pairs of Jordan’s. Although I do agree that these items can all complement different people, my personal preference for a treat for myself would be something that ensures optimal comfort for my body.

This comfort over beauty preference hadn’t always been as so.

In the past, I loved to hoard up on anything and everything… stationary, clothing, bags, jewelry. If something caught my eye, I would buy the item in multiple color choices, and even buy doubles or triples of the same item, just to prepare for the melancholic day they wear out and I have to dispose of them. However, shoes were my ultimate weakness when it came to shopping. To this day, I still have heels hidden under my bed that I have yet to have even worn once, many of which are still in their original boxes. It wasn’t until 2 years ago when I studied abroad in Spain for a semester and was forced to fit 5 months of living necessities into one 23-kg suitcase that I finally realized… maybe I need to narrow down my belongings to the truly essential pieces.

Especially now that I’ve been running again, the most important things I value are my comfy, supportive shoes, The Stick, my TriggerPoint Foam Roller, running shorts, and a shirt. Give me a duffle bag of all these items and I’m good to go. Last year, I purchased the TriggerPoint foam roller to target my lower back pains. Every night, I roll out my entire back for about 5 minutes, starting at the base of my lower back, and rolling up to my upper back and then proceed to do the same for my legs with my Stick. (Remember to hold the back of your head for support as to not crane your neck). The foam roller works for muscle tightness relief in the legs as well, but since I bought the Stick, I  prefer using that, as it allows for a better control of pressure on your desired muscle areas.  The Stick is also extremely portable and I’ve been bringing it on all my trips to ensure that I’m feeling great, even in the business of traveling.

Earlier this week, I luckily came across some Modell’s coupons, so I went on my now rare shopping occasion… I ended up leaving the store with 4 pairs of sneakers. I entered with the intention of surprising my friend with a pair of light running sneakers to serve as walking/work shoes, since we’re standing for our PT Tech jobs all day, and to buy myself a pair of sneakers but…. my favorite and and most supportive Asics running sneakers (for my flat feet) were on sale so… inevitably they followed me to the register. The other 2 pairs were Nike Free Runs that were just too good to pass up. Although I prefer not to run in these since the support is too thin for my consistent running, this style serves to be the best walking/day-to-day shoes that I’ve ever owned in my life.

I still remember the first time I stepped into my first pair of Nike Free Runs last July and exclaimed, “WOW! I feel like I’m walking on clouds!!!” to my boyfriend. They really have made a difference in minimizing leg fatigue by the end of a long work day.

From working retail, to food service, to concert events, and now to physical therapy related positions, I am constantly on my feet. For those of you that might have a similar schedule, it is highly important to invest in a supportive pair of shoes to prevent arch, heel, knee or other leg pains. I love Converses, Keds, Vans, and other similar shoe brands; however, for days where you’re placing constant presure on your feet, running shoes are definitely the way to go. Most running shoes are bulkier, but the Nike Free Runs are my recommended products for a cute, stylish, comfy choice to complete your outfit. I promise you that by the end of the day, your body will thank you with some happy feet.

What are your favorite choices of shoes? I’m curious to know for my future shopping lists, comment below! 👠👡👢👞👟👣

Thanks for reading 💘


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