Return of the Old Lady Knee… but thank god for the therapists at my job

It’s back!

It’s been a couple years since I ran competitively for school but my right knee never fails to bother me every now and then. Back in high school, I had to sit out of my junior and senior cross-country seasons due to a recurring pain in my right knee and lower back. After innumerable visits to the orthopedists, podiatrists, physical therapists, with x-rays and MRIs, I was still never given a final conclusion about what was causing my pains. The only remedy that worked for me at the time was visiting my chiropractor Dr. Dreifus in Brooklyn. From having to sit down on the nasty subway floors because my back pains hurt me too much to stand during my subway commutes to school, to sitting, standing, sleeping and running without pain again, Dreifus really saved my life during that excrutiating time.

After high school, I strayed away from running as frequently, and bounced around from not exercising much in my freshman year, to weight lifting and bulking up significantly my sophomore year, to mixing running and lifting workouts again my junior year and then keeping up with that my last year of college. A lot of things made sense after I found out I was severely anemic my junior year Spring semester, like my extreme lethargy whenever it came to running, and the wave of aching in my legs whenever I had to walk up the stairs from the subway.

Skip ahead a chunk of time and it’s now 8 days before my first half-marathon! I experienced some sharp pains in my right knee and hips a couple weeks ago, but after 3 physical therapy sessions at my job so far with Melvin and Chelsea with the glute and hip abductor exercises they’ve assigned to me, and a modification in my workout routine, the pain has gone away this past week, thank god!! Melvin noticed that my IT Band and sartorious muscle wrapping around my quad were both unusually tight. He also noticed a slight rotation in my pelvis, causing my right knee to easily collapse inwards when bending… thereby at least partially explaining the pain that’s lingered all these years.

I also joined a YMCA membership 3 weeks ago, and have been swimming 1-2x a week, averaging about 100 laps/week in the 25yd pool. The change in no-impact cardio has definitely bolstered my endurance training while minimizing further stress on my knees. I’m secretly suspecting that my anemia has slowly crept back though because even though my endurance is there for my runs, I can’t seem to run at a sub-9 pace. But although it’s extremely frustrating to feel slower than what I was capable of only 3 months ago, I keep reminding myself to focus on the exciting fact that I’ve worked my way up from the longest run of 5 consecutive miles a couple months ago, to now 10.5 miles! With all this running, I went to yoga yesterday morning for the first time in more than a month, and boy, was it relieving to stretch out for an hour!

And I just wanted to mention that I FINISHED MY 4.5 HOUR GRE YESTERDAY!!!!! For those unfamiliar with this brutal computer-based exam, it is comprised of 6 sections (2 writing tasks, 2 verbal and 2 math sections, and then an experimental section as trial for future GRE exams). Besides enduring 4.5 hours of test-taking, I also finished this exam with a huge improvement in my score compared to my practice test from a month ago so YAY to the studying paying off! I’m so happy to finally be free of feeling pressured to study at every possible moment that I have between work or runs.

For the first time in quite awhile, I am feeling light and free and excited to take on the rest of the application process and to spend some quality time with friends and family! Now I’m off to do my last long run before I begin tapering down next week.

Have an amazing rest of the weekend everyone!

Lots of love,


Here’s me stress-eating 2 weekends ago in the Poconos with my family. Disclaimer info: I didn’t indulge in all the snacks shown haha!

Pretty sweet shot along my 10.5 mile run 2 weeks ago!

My 10.5 mile run route 2 weeks ago!

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