My Weekly Exercise Regiment 

As someone who is easily disoriented and pretty clumsy of a person, I would consider myself an athlete that is better off with “no-ball” sports. Although I have always wanted to explore the sports of soccer and volleyball, I mostly swim, run and workout in my free time. In a typical week, I schedule out 3-5 workout/exercise activities that usually include 3-4 days of running and 1-2 times at the gym. Occasionally, I’ll treat myself to a morning yoga class or an hour at the pool for 30-40 laps, but unfortunately, I’ve been neglecting my swimming time in the last year.

For my gym workouts, I always prefer a full body workout that targets different muscle groups throughout the entire body rather than an isolated “arm” or “leg” day. I opt for these, one, because I don’t hit the gym everyday, and two because my workouts are mostly cardio based with a strength training portion at the end. An example of a workout I recently completed on Friday evening after 4 days of slow endurance running from Monday-Thursday is as follows:

1. Start with 1 mile on the treadmill as a warmup.

  • Because I had an injury with my right knee back in high school, I never go too fast on the treadmill to avoid additional strain to my knees. My warmup is usually a consecutive mile around 6.5-6.8mph, which can be completed within 10 minutes!

2. Stretch Circuit now that my body’s warmed up

3. Next, I’ll do 10-15 minutes of a HIIT workout on the treadmill. HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training consists of shorter burst/speed type work.

  • I choose 3 speeds that constitute the “slow”, “medium”, and “fast” speeds of the workout. The “slow” speed serves as recovery for the fastest pace, the “medium” speed provides a build-up before you sustain the “fast” speed for the minute.
  • The idea is to change speeds every minute after the initial 2 minute warm-up. The last 2 minutes are usually a bigger increase in speed for the final sprint to the finish. An example of a 10 min HIIT based on mph would be:
  1. 6.5
  2. 6.5
  3. 6.8
  4. 7.1
  5. 6.5
  6. 6.8
  7. 7.1
  8. 6.5
  9. 7.0
  10. 7.5

4. 30-40 minutes on the elliptical

  • I like to go half the duration in the forward direction and then switch to a backwards motion for the second half, just to change up the motion for my legs.

5. 3×8 lat pulldown (50 lb resistance)

  • For those that want to cut down on the “bra/back squish”, this exercise targets your back and shoulder muscles, especially the latissimus dorsi muscle.

6. 3×10 hip abducion & adduction (50 lb resistance)

  • I love this machine because it targets both the muscles of the inner and outer thighs, as well as your glutes. For those of you that are aiming to tone and slim your legs and strengthen your booty, I would highly recommend you guys try this machine!

7. 3×10 low row (25 lb resistance)

  • Alternating back to upper body muscle groups, the low row again targets mostly the back muscles such as the trapezius, rhomboids and once again, the latissimus dorsi muscles.

8. 3x glute circuit on assisted squat machine

  • I usually only add light weights to the bar since I am currently restrengthening my knees. With this exercise, I add a 5 lb plate to each side and perform 1st, 10 stationary lunges per leg, then 8 closed feet/narrow stance squats. Repeat 3x.
  • Again, these exercises will tighten and shape up your booty and strengthen both your quad and hamstring muscles!

9. 4×20 boat crunches

  • Helps targets your abs and adds a balancing component as well.

10. 3×15/side dumbbell side bends with 35lb dumbbell

  • Holding the dumbbell in one hand to your side while engaging your core, bend to the side only using your waist. To avoid injury, make sure your back is straight and that you aren’t doing this exercise in fast jerky movements. I normally keep my other hand at my hips to control the movement of the exercise.

11. Final stretch circuit and that’s it! ✅

This entire workout can be completed in 1.5-2 hours depending on how much rest you give between each exercise and set. Do not be afraid to sweat! That’s the best part about exercising, sweating all that stress and negativity out of your system.

I’m a naturally heavy sweater so by the time I’m done with the initial cardio portion of the workout, I’m dripping in sweat already and my shirt is definitely drenched. Besides worrying about bumping into a friend at the gym and wanting to hug them, the more sweat the merrier!

Go give this workout a try! If you are just starting out, definitely lower the weights and resistance for each exercise and feel free to shorten the duration of the cardio if you aren’t comfortable with the aforementioned durations yet. With time, your body will adjust to working these new muscle groups and yes, you will feel a couple days of soreness but as long as you take rest days in between your gym workouts for your body to recover, you’ll be seeing physical changes and feeling stronger and happier!

Goodluck and tell me how it goes! Excited to hear back from you guys! ❤️💪🏼😎



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    Great Job!

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