Typical Dinner @ My House

What’s a typical dinner for me?

I live with my family, including my mom, dad, sister and grandma. All throughout my childhood and now that I’m living back at home with my family, my grandma makes dinner for the family 6 days a week. She’s 83 and full of energy!

For a typical dinner, we usually have 3-4 plates to share that incorporates a mixture of veggies, meat or seafood and of course, each person has their own bowl of rice. (Yes, a lot of people have raved on about avoiding white rice and instead, opting for the healthier, and less processed brown rice. But… to convince an 83 year old, who prides herself in being extraordinarily healthy and active for her age, doing a large majority of the household chores, having lived through the Second Sino Japanese War, and would pass any day as in her 60s, to switch to brown rice after all these years… just hasn’t fared too well during the few times we’ve tried to make the changes. In my own time, if I have the option, I would prefer quinoa, brown rice, or maybe even cous cous, but a small bowl of white rice a day never hurt nobody.) Anyway, each dish never has meat as its centerpiece, as part of the traditional Chinese cuisine, meat is never a heavy part of each meal; they may be included in a dish to add flavor to a vegetable dish, or to give the soup a richer spark. The heavily avoided “evil carbs” actually makes up most of our meal in the form of rice, vegetables and fruits.

After each meal, we always have soup. Always. The soup is much more watered down than say a chowder because it serves an after-meal purpose. It usually consists of different meat and vegetables. My mom and I normally just drink the soup with some vegetables because we’re a little less keen on meat, but after all that, we have some sort of fruit as the final dessert.

Yes! That’s a lot of food, but dinners together, although quick, are a daily part of our family routine.

Thanks for reading!

xx Winn


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